Established in the 1950s, the New Mexico Automotive Recyclers Association is a non-profit organization comprised of New Mexico’s oldest professional and most progressive recyclers in our state. Our members are dedicated to promoting the professional automotive recycling industry and the value of recycled auto parts in the repair of vehicles. Recycled auto parts are simply the best form of Recycling.

The New Mexico Automotive Recyclers Association is an affiliate chapter of the Automotive Recyclers Association. NMARA members are professional auto recyclers who are continuing their training and education in the most current and advanced recycling technologies. All of our members are locally owned and operated FAMILY BUSINESSES.

Members are licensed and bonded by the State of New Mexico, have in place best management practices and policies for environmentally safe operation, and hold all permits required by law or regulation on local, state and federal levels.

Our members work closely with law enforcement and other regulatory agencies and are held to the highest of standards and ethics. Many of our members hold various certifications with our National Associations and some of these certifications are ISO 9000 based.

Responsible environmentally safe auto recycling begins with a NMARA Member Facility.